supporting local children's charities

Each December during the run-up to Christmas and New Year, our school hosts a range of events in support of local children's charities. Students take part in assemblies and lessons raising awareness about children in need, as well as participating in our whole-school 'Giving Tree' drive to spread the Christmas message. 


On the Rosinka Campus work with a range of local organisations, such as: the Sosenskaya School, providing specialised educational programmes and events for children with disabilities; the Betlitsa Orphanage, which provides vulnerable children with shelter, education, emotional support and opportunities to succeed; and the Meschovsk School, a special needs school which cares for blind and visually impaired children. 


Over on the Krylatskoe Campus we support My New Family and the “Sputnik” orphanage, which accommodates over 60 children, raising funds to purchase Universal Gift Cards for each child. In addition to this, alongside our partnered at Podari Zhizn we collect and distribute gifts for children who have to celebrate the Christmas and New Year period at hospital. This year we collected over 250 gifts for those children who, due to the quarantine, would not have had holiday trees and visitors to celebrate with. We also make regular donations to the Nadezhda Center: a place where children with disabilities learn to be independent.




supporting local food banks

The coronavirus crisis left many families out of work and few options to support themselves. As the winter of 2020 students on our Upper Campus worked to collect over 150 large bags of essential foods and toiletries to be donated to a local food bank: that's approximately 2,000 essential items - or around 2,250 kg - enough to feed a family of four for a year!


These goods undoubtedly made a huge difference to local families in need around Moscow, especially during such unprecedented times.

Tanzania - The Meserani Project

In September 2013, students at ISM embarked on the school’s first ever residential trip to Tanzania. The trip contained many highlights, including camping and safaris in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater. This said, for many students it was a visit to a local primary school that left the largest impression. Here our students were confronted by classrooms without enough tables and chairs, where the blackboards were so old they could hardly be written on, where students peeled sections from rubbish cardboard boxes to use for writing paper and where up to 80 students sat
in a room with only one teacher. For many of our students, this was a shock but more so was the fact that majority of children we came into contact with on this trip did not even go to school at all.


On returning to Moscow, students decided that they would do something to help and a number of student led fundraising initiatives were put into place. Funds raised by ISM students since 2013 been used to assist Tanzanian school children in a number of ways.


Firstly, since 2013 students have sponsored two students, Daniel Sindiyo and Simon Saibulu, which has enabled these boys to attend secondary schools run as part of The Meserani Project. Both boys would have otherwise worked the land, but instead have had a secondary education
that has provided a platform for both boys to not only sit, but successfully pass national examinations to such a standard that they have now been selected by the Tanzanian government to study A-levels. At present, money raised at ISM is now being used to fund the boy’s A-level


Students at our school in the past have also raised money to provide the Kipok Girls School with its first laptop and projector. ISM students also provided training and a wealth of laptop resources to the teachers during our annual visit, which means that the laptop and projector are being put to effective use for student learning. Added to this has been a steady supply of old textbooks from our school, mostly donated by the science department, plus hundreds of clothes items, pens, pencils, books and also a cash donation used to fund the building of a new school for students in the Meserani region of Tanzania.


Another key part of our charity initiative has been our partnership with Alfred’s Safaris. Alfred Itaeli who runs the safari company we use also coordinates Future Stars Academy (FSA). FSA trains over 180 vulnerable youth boys and girls (ages 6-20) to be role models and ambassadors to
the community using football as the tool. 10% of the proceeds from our safari each year goes to FSA. ISM students and the PE department also regularly donate old kit including boots and balls. And for many students, the highlight of our annual trip each year to Tanzania is the football match
that we play against FSA. Unfortunately, we are yet to win a game but we are hoping that this will change this year.


More information regarding the students that we sponsor, the Meserani Project, and Future stars Academy can be found at the following links:



Mr. O’Connor and all the students at ISM would like to thank the ISM Community for its ongoing support and fundraising for our projects in Tanzania.

Diemas Dream / Show: Dream

ISM’s students and choir - under the direction of James Langford - have  maintained long standing support for Diemas Dream Fund – supporting fundraising events in the School and at the Annual DD Fundraiser in GUM. This involvement has expanded in the past 18 months with much bigger concerts at GUM and with Show DREAMS.

The Show DREAMS was conceived with two key objectives – 1) raise money and awareness for Diemas Dream Fund and 2) bring as many kids from the orphanages to the concert as it is possible to organize.